Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Afternoon down on Ho Hum Hollow Road

We had a great afternoon yesterday celebrating Grandaddy's birthday. After dinner, Lorri (best known as Fred), Brad, Kayla and I walked around digging up pieces of all kinds of flowers for Lorri and Kayla's yards. Kayla just got married last August and was very excited about getting some heirloom flowers for her yard.


  1. Hello my sweet old friend.
    Thanks for sharing a little piece of life down on Ho Hum Hollow Rd with us, the envious (lol). Always love seeing the pictures. Would love to see you and Perry. I miss our times together at Yellow River.
    Luv ya!
    Paulette ;~)

  2. Paulette, Pack a lunch and come down and see Mama and Daddy! From where you're coming from, you'll have to stop and eat at least twice! Come on a Sunday and I'll bet you could talk Daddy out of one of Mama's dinner biscuits. When the tomatoes come in, we can have tomato biscuits with mayonaise oozing out the sides. Nothing better.