Thursday, September 15, 2011

Food Prices Increase

It doesn't take an economist to tell you that food prices are rising, with the highest jump in 36 years. And the droughts, floods and other calamities will cause the prices to rise even more. You can save tons of money in the grocery store by being a careful shopper. What caused me to sit down here just now was on my last trip to the grocery. In the produce section there were packages of sliced squash at twice the price of the fresh squash on another part of the counter. Come on! How long does it take to zip a knife through squash to slice it? Seconds, that's how long. Any time you pay somebody to do something you can do yourself, it will cost you. You can buy small (less than 1 lb.) bags of sliced apples for $2.50. You can buy
2 1/2-3 lbs. of fresh apples for the same price. /Another idea: Wal-Mart equals other stores' ads, even the Buy One Get One Free ads. And when you have maufacturer's coupons from the Sunday paper for these specials they often end up nearly paying you to take it. You don't have to use gas and travel all over just to get a store's specials. The ad must state a price (often BOGOs don't) and it must be the same exact item. Store brands are also equalled and there's real savings there. And you do know you shouldn't buy dishwashing detergent and cleaners at the grocery; get those at the Dollar stores. Much cheaper. And speaking of the Dollar stores they have a large selection of greeting cards at a fraction of the cost of a Hallmark or other card. I send lots of cards and this is an important way to save. I consider myself an expert at saving money. These are just a few of my ideas. More later.