Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On The Farm

We have a registered Kikko buck goat borrowed to breed our female goats.  They all delivered one or two babies  each 6 or 8 months ago.  And now - we've kept Larry (the male goat) too long and they were bred again. We had no idea we were expecting babies. They don't look pregnant. Went to the barn this morning, there were two. This afternoon another female had two. At this rate of multiplication we could be covered up with baby goats. They sure are cute though. And you always want females; can't build a goat herd with males. The four babies so far are 3 males, one female. I'm just glad the mamas are okay and can feed them. Feeding goat babies a bottle several times a day is a real drag. I've done it and getting up in the middle of the night is no fun.   And you can't have goats contained in a pasture without an electric fence and sometimes the fence will have an electrical short and you have to walk the perimeter of the fence to find it. I walked about half of the pasture today and wouldn't you know it? I walked the total area and found the short in my last few steps. Will make that repair in the morning. Should have started walking at that point and could have saved a lot of steps.

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