Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boss Bros.

Boss' Store was having another special day to benefit Toys for Tots this time.  I'm sitting, Grandaddy's standing as we watch the police dogs show us how they catch the bad guys. I do know I wouldn't want to be the bad guy with that dog all over me. They were great. You can see some of the antique tractors in the background. They had locals selling fresh collards, homemade barbecue with all the fixin's. The rocking chairs were for sale also. Each year at this time they put out boxes and boxes of Christmas candy for sale - coconut bon-bons, chocolate peanut morsels, divinity, orange slice candy (love it!), and just about any old-time candy you can think of. We always buy enough to fill a platter during the Christmas holidays. We love the Boss family and we're so glad they're there as friends .

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