Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Goats

We have 8 new baby goats. Most are all white since the Daddy is a registered Kiko, but we also have a chocolate brown, brown with black spots and black and white spotted. Oh, to feel as good as a baby goat feels, jumping and springing up in the air and running. We've had several families with children come to see the goats and the farm. The blueberries are ripening and the plants are loaded down. And sweeter than they've ever been.       Flowers blooming now are hydrangeas (they're blue when planted in the ground here but you can make it have pink blooms with the addition of lime) and they're so beautiful. Daylilies, zinnias, May Night salvia (blue) and Knockout roses are very pretty. I have Knockout red, pink and yellow and they don't get blackspot on the leaves like most other roses. Easy care/no care is what I need. The grapes are loaded down and will be picking in July for bunch grapes and September for muscadines (a Southern grape) The tame blackberries are producing well also and we'll be picking lots of figs soon. Busy, busy. Granny

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