Tuesday, August 3, 2010

blueberry picking

Blueberry season is over for this year. A total of 48 gallons came off the bushes; a very good year with usually enough rain. Except with the rain the figs sour on the bush with too much rain, but that's okay; we need the rain, always. We went to Thompson's peach orchard in Oconee County last week and got some beautiful and absolutely delicious peaches. What's in the store doesn't even begin to compare to the taste and juiciness of fresh. We ate a few fresh and I froze a few packs. With peaches you always have to use Fruit-Fresh (ascorbic acid) on them after you peel to keep them from turning dark.
I have white tile with white grout in my bathrooms. I'm telling you that to tell you this. Perry was putting stain on the window sill, the shade in the window fell and went into the bucket of stain, splashing it everywhere in the room. We managed to get most of it up, but now I'm going to have to scrub the tile with ammonia water to clean the tile and grout and then use a product that makes the grout white again, Tile Grout Coating, because the grout in places is permanently stained with the brown varnish. This is a job I'd been meaning to do anyway before the catastrophe. I'm just glad I'd not just done the cleaning. I've been trying to "get my nerve up" to do that job because it's hard work. Maybe today.

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