Monday, July 5, 2010

working on the farm

We're picking lots of blueberries; picked 4 1/2 gallons this morning. Do you know how long it takes to pick a gallon? Only forever! I have a few Concord grapes ready to pick and I'll make grape juice. We'll be picking lots of scuppernongs and muscadines in the fall. The figs should be ready the last of July. Fig preserves are to die for. We're getting lots of tomatoes, eggplant, squash. The red and yellow sweet peppers should be coming in soon. I make a lot of stir fry in the summer with those. I use my iron Dutch oven, pour in a little olive oil. One yellow onion (this is a cooking onion; the Vidalia won't work as well, too much water in them) sliced into pieces and the peppers also sliced into slivers. Allow the oil to get hot and drop in onions and peppers. Cook, while stirring occasionaly. Just before done, put 2-3 garlic cloves through a garlic press into the pan. Stir. Garlic will burn if allowed to cook too long. Makes a great side dish for any meal.

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  1. When we come to pick blueberries, would you show us your scuppernongs? We have seen what looks like green things growing on what looks like grape vine on our walks and wondered if they were scuppernongs. They are kind of hard though, but maybe they look more like a grape the closer to fall? Or maybe you could do a post about them :)