Thursday, February 25, 2010

oven door glass cleaner

Is the glass in your oven door grease splattered? The old standby cleaner that's the cheapest and makes grungy things sparkle, ammonia, is poured into your dishcloth and wiped onto the glass to wet it well. Then use a paint scraper (the kind that uses a razor blade) to scrape away the grease spots. Keep the area wet with the ammonia while scraping. Rinse well and it's sparkling clean.


  1. Granny,
    Could you post your window cleaner secret using ammonia?

  2. Window cleanin
    I've tried nearly all window cleaners on the market and not completely pleased. Probably the best, and again the cheapest, is 2 Tablespoons sudsy ammonia in a small bowl of warm water. Wring out a rag in the solution, wash the window and buff dry with another dry rag while window is still damp. No streaks at all. Note: You do save all your old towels and washcloths for these uses, don't you? When you wash the rags air dry them; they're more absorbent. GrannyBett