Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life on the Farm, etc.

We have three baby goats, all male, which is not good. Only need one male here and they don't sell for as much as the females, which will produce and have more. Several other mamas are very pregnant (one's going to burst if she doesn't soon give birth). But the babies are so cute bouncing and leaping around, full of energy. The branch in the pasture where they water is drying up bacause of the serious drought we're in and that means we'll have to start watering by filling up tubs with a water hose. But we take it as it comes and do what's needed.> Now's the time to dig up and divide daffodils as I did today. The foliage should be nearly all dead and dig slightly away from the clump of bulbs so you don't split any. They'd have to be thrown away. They're ever so lovely in the early spring with their many different types and colors.> I plan to make a batch of homemade Brunswick stew this week. It takes days to make in getting the pork cooked and shredded and the baking hen cooked. I use an electric grinder for the pork and finely chop the chicken. Then all the other ingredients are added and cooked together for several hours. I cook it in a very large heavy-gauge aluminum (won'd stick to pan) pan I'd bought at a garage sale years ago. My pans are treasures to me but nobody cooks in this manner anymore so when I'm gone the pans will be of no use to anyone. My main iron frying pan I've been using for over 50 years, and the inside is smooth as silk. Also have a very old iron Dutch oven that's equally great for cooking just about anything.

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