Monday, May 3, 2010

chicken salad recipe

My daughter-in-law, Lisa, formerly owned a tea room and all tea rooms serve chicken salad. She made hers homemade and gave me this recipe.

Boil the chicken breasts, either shred the meat by hand or food processor to chop. Add mayo, slivered toasted almonds and sliced grapes. And here comes the secret ingredient - sprinkle liberally with lemon pepper. It is the 'making' of a wonderful chicken salad. GrannyBett


  1. Granny I feel honored to have my recipe featured on your blog. Glad you enjoyed it! I'm probably going to be famous now, I can feel it. :) Either the chicken salad recipe or the interpretive dance with Barry on the beach should do it.

  2. Gary and I were taste testers last Sunday at dinner and it was wonderful. The lemon pepper tops it off - no pun intended since it does go on top. Gary loved it so much that the care package Mama sent home with us on Sunday never made it to Monday. He ate all of it before bedtime Sunday night.

  3. Granny,

    What should be done with Iris' after they bloom. Should I let the leaves dry and then cut them back?
    Maureen/Kay Lee's best friend at work.

  4. No, you never cut back iris leaves, unless the leaf happens to be dead. It's the energy for the plant. Sometimes they look a little bedraggled, but that's just part of gardening. Jonquil leaves also begin to look bad; can't cut them back, no blooms next year. Hope this helps. Other gardening questions?