Thursday, April 29, 2010

more babies

Okay, I told you to stay tuned. Grandaddy and I went to the barn to feed this morning and there were two more babies, a male and a beautiful solid brown female. One of the pregnant mamas had taken one of the babies and was claiming it (this happens often). The big problem with that is that she doesn't have any milk yet till her babies get here. And mama goats have colostrum for the first 24 hours, which really isn't milk, but the babies have to get it for a good start. We had to pen the real mama up with her two babies to keep the pregnant one from claiming it as her own.
As I said before - stay tuned. GrannyBett


  1. I guess I better get out there with my handy phone-camera and make some more photos. Kay

  2. I see I may have something in common with goats. I too have felt that maternal urge to claim babies who aren't my own. At the mall, Target, the park, wherever and whenever I see one that catches my fancy. Just 'cause I like 'em. Their 'real' mommies always feel threatened and pen themselves up in their car, doors locked. Huh...who knew?